Employee Benefits Package

The City of Lancaster offers a comprehensive benefits package including…


Time Off


Vision & Dental



Health Insurance

Employees have a number of generous health insurance options to choose from. These options, paired with Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) provide our employees affordable, flexible health coverage.

Paid Time Off

The City of Lancaster offers employees a generous paid time off package, which includes twelve (12) holidays, two (2) personal days, and vacation and sick time (which increases with longevity.)

Retirement Savings

The City offers two pension plans to help employees save for retirement. The Cash Balance Pension Plan and the Supplemental Pension Plan allow us to express our appreciation to our employees for their service.

Deferred Compensation Plans

Deferred Compensation through 457(b) plans are available through Nationwide and MetLife. A 457(b) plan is a great option for saving for retirement. The plans offer tax benefits and encourage employees to grow their nest egg.

Vision Insurance

Allows for an annual eye doctor visit and glasses or contacts every twenty four (24) months (every twelve (12) months for dependents under age 19.)

Dental Insurance

Basic dental coverage is offered at no cost with options to add supplemental coverage at reduced rates.

Wellness Program

Employees can take part in the City’s wellness program that promotes good health and unlocks wellness perks and savings on health insurance premiums.

Training Opportunities

Employees are offered ongoing training opportunities to prepare them to do their jobs well and learn new skills.